Liquid Liner Lowdown


Liquid Liner Lowdown

Stars such as Lady Gaga love defying the odds and letting their individuality come forth in their hair and makeup applications. In her Judas music video (2011), she used double-lined liquid eyeliner to create an Eastern, ornamental look. Sarah Jessica Parker incorporated a similar style in Sex and the City 2 (set in Abu Dhabi) with the cat-eye smokey effect. In just a few step-by-step instructions, follow along with us to see how you can get an equally dramatic look that’s sure to get your eye candy locked in your gaze.

Materials Needed:

Angled brush, foundation, concealer, eye shadow brush, light eye pigment/paint (optional), light eye shadow, white eye pencil, dark eye shadow, thin brush, blending brush, mascara, false lashes (optional).


Place a light layer of foundation on the eyelid, in order to create a base for the powder to set. Using a medium brush, apply a light power onto the lid. Allow for everything to set.

Next, apply your white eye pencil to the inner rim of the eye. This needs to be non-waterproof to ensure an intense colour. Extend the white line straight out past the outer corner of the eye and create a triangle towards the inner corner.

Using a stiff, angled brush, apply your liquid liner from the inner lash line towards (and even past) the edge of your socket. Eyeliner looks its best when the line thickens towards the edge, but see desired photos for inspiration.

Allow for your liner to dry before applying your darker shadow. Use a softer brush, and apply desired amount in the crease of your eye towards the brow. For the cat-eye look, clean up any smudging with some makeup remover on a cotton pad.

This is optional, but if you choose to apply lashes to the bottom lashes, use a clear glue. Then apply mascara. Place the set of lashes along the lines you have created under/over the eye, and glue them to the line you have already created with the eyeliner.

Clean up any fall out from the eye shadow with concealer and continue on with your regular foundation routine and finish by applying a top coat of mascara.


5 Fab Manicures


5 Fab Manicures

Runways aren’t just about sweeping gowns and designer jeans anymore. Nowadays runways also act as showcases for the latest trends in nail art. Although they are simple enough to do on your own, your nails can be transformed into runway-inspired accessories that up your style like nothing else. So, dig out your polish collection and get ready lacquer, because we’ve got five fab nail looks you’re going to want try.

Shiny-Matte French Manicure

Fresh off the Angel Sanchez runway, this stunning look offers a fresh take on the classic French manicure. These nails are perfect for those who prefer a more natural look as a muted palette is used. To get this look, simply apply a base coat followed by two coats of polish in a glossy pink shade. Wait a full five minutes after each coat to ensure it is dry before adding another layer. Follow the edge of the nail in a slightly darker pink shade for a sweet and subtle effect that catches the eye. But you’re not done yet. Seal the polish off with a topcoat to extend the wear of your manicure.

Not-So-Perfect Half-Moon

Right on trend with the color-blocking phenomenon, this bold nail look is sure to win you a boatload of compliments. The fact that the half-moon is purposefully flawed should reduce any anxiety you may feel about creating perfectly crisp curvatures. To give your nails that “artsy” attitude, apply two layers of the polish of your choice and allow them to dry. Then, opt for a contrasting polish to really make your nails pop. Paint on the half-moon by starting from the middle of the nail, rather than from the cuticle. This way, you’ll end up with the fuzzy edges that make this style so unique.

Retro Colorblock

For those of you who go completely gaga for retro-inspired looks, this look’s for you. This trend was inspired by Mark Rothko’s paintings with a dash of 80′s aesthetics. Simply paint a glossy black stripe over the polish of your choice, starting from the center of the nail and seal with a topcoat. The retro color palette consists of muted brights, so go for a dull magenta, violet, or turquoise.


White nails are trending on all the spring runways, and they’re also preppy, fresh and office-appropriate. To achieve this sleek look as seen at the Karen Walker show, two coats of milk-white polish are layered over a basecoat, and finished off with a matte topcoat. What you’re left with is a crisp clean look that will take you from day to night.

Diagonal Pop Color

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to pull those brights out from the back of your closet. A polish in any glossy bright hue will work to bring out the color accents in your outfit. To get the perfect diagonal, simply place a piece of tape diagonally across the nail-tip and paint in the area with your polish for a pop of color.

Eyes Like Lucy Lui


Eyes Like Lucy Lui

Take a note from the always gorgeous, fresh-faced Lucy Liu and amp up your beauty repertoire with this easy-to-follow Lui-inspired makeup tutorial. With her knockout style and dazzling eyes, Lui is the ultimate muse for any beauty buff or fashion fanatic. If you’re looking to snag Lucy Lui’s enviable look, here are a few tips on how to emulate Lui’s famous peepers and make them work for you. Remember, Lui is the inspiration, but your makeup regime should highlight your own one-of-kind features, so be creative, play and figure out what suits you.

Materials Needed:

Lashes (individual or strip lashes)

Lash glue

Eye shadow

Eye Liner (waterproof optional) black, white or silver

Makeup Brushes

Eye shadow Primer

Eye Lash Curler


1. Start with a fresh, moisturized face and apply concealer and foundation working from the T-zone outwards.

2. Before dipping into the eye shadow, apply loose powder directly under the eyes onto the cheekbones using a sponge. This I called a powder guard; it will help keep your base pristine while you apply shadow to your lids.

3. Apply eye shadow to your brows, using a flat-angle brush, until you achieve your desired shape. Be sure to select a shadow that matches your natural brow color; however, if you have very fair brows select a shadow that is a shade darker. Fill in brows until the desired shape is achieve.

4. Prep the eyes with eye shadow primer and powder as well.

5. Using a small brush, apply a metallic apricot color just above the eyelid fold.

6. Now, with a wider brush, apply a soft peachy copper shadow and blend above the lid in a circular motion.

7. Next, load the brush with a deep purple color. Keep the shape rounded and blend up to the eye fold.

8. Apply the same deep purple eye shadow color to the lower lash line; two-thirds of the way along the lower lid. Note you do not have to blend the edges as much; this will give you a wide-eyed look you’ll love. Tip It is important to enhance the middle of the eyes, to open them up and make them appear wider.

9. Apply black eyeliner to the waterline of the eye, extending it slightly from the lash line. As with any application to the inner rim, you will need to reapply throughout the day or evening.

10. Using a fine brush, apply silver eyeliner or white eyeliner to the inner eye, stopping one-third of the way along.

11. Clear up any shadow fallout by brushing away your powder guard with a large powder brush.

12. Apply short individual lashes or lash strips along the lash bed of your upper lids, wait for the glue to dry, then apply two coats of jet-black mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. If you’re feeling confident you can either apply individual lashes to the bottom lash line, or use lash strips.

13. Choose a blush color that looks natural to your skin complexion is recommended. Apply in a sweeping motion, blending from the hairline to the apples of the cheeks.

14. Prep your kisser with a lip conditioner and wait 10 minutes before applying your chosen pigment. Because the eyes are dramatic opt for a neutral lip color to complete your look.

Dazzling Dust Plugs


 Dazzling Dust Plugs

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another phone accessory on the market, dust plugs hit the scene! As redundant as they sound, it’s fair to point out that smart phones are prone to internal corrosion and/or malfunction if the proper precautions are not taken. Dust Plugs prevent any liquids, dust, or other unwanted debris from creeping into your earphone plug. As of yet, no high-end designer has unveiled a line of opulent dust plugs, but there are plenty of phone specialty shops online and in your neighborhood, which offer these cute accessories.

The majority of these dust plugs mimic the look and feel of studs, bedazzled with semi-precious stones. A popular dust plug stud is the mini crown. The plug is adorned with a sweet crown insignia rendered in glinting gemstones. Those who are not into glitter and flash can opt for simpler dust plugs, complimented with tasteful chains or pretty feathers hanging from the earphone jack. There are an array of options available online, so it’s no sweat finding the perfect dust plug to suit your phone case or further define your style. These small gems may look like just another accessory, but they can spare your phone a little wear and tear and keep you looking fabulous.

Keep in Touch Without Losing Touch


 Keep in Touch Without Losing Touch

Cell phones are no longer hideous, cumbersome gadgets best hidden in purses or pockets. Today, people flaunt their phones with pride! As the technology advances, cellphones have become increasingly integral to everyday life. With these advancements comes fragility and if you’re going to protect your all-important cellular phone, you might as well do it with style.

Currently, the hottest cell phones on the market are the iPhone, Samsung S3, and the soon to be released Samsung S4. Each of these phones is beautiful in its own right, so why hide that natural beauty underneath a less than stellar cover? Designers have come up with beautiful cases designed for a modern and decidedly fashionable lifestyle.

The famous Michael Kors recently collaborated with the Apple brand to create a line of iPhone cases for fashion-conscious smartphone users. MK offers an array of different cases, perfect for any and every iPhone user. The cases come in every form: from sleeve, to hard-shell cover, and even an iPhone wallet. For MK’s spring collection the cases come in vivid shades of yellow, pink, blue, and red. Each iPhone wallet is detailed with either a Michael Kors plate or MK embossed lettering. The detailing comes in either gold or silver, whichever best compliments the design. The best part about the wallet case is that you can keep three of your most important cards handy. Michael Kors is a creative with his designs and practical in their functionality, allowing you to keep that swagger with cases that flatter!

The bedazzling Swarovski brand has also created cases for the iPhone and other smartphones. The cases come in leather and hard-shell plastic embellished with Swarovski’s elegant gems. Swarovski has also come out with denim cases sprinkled with crystals for those who like to keep it casual and classy. These cases are not meant for the clumsy and the careless, especially the cases that are adorn with crystals from top to bottom. These handcrafted cases add a lot of sparkle to your already luxurious smartphone. They may protect from high impact falls with sparkle, but the crystals alone require maintenance. If you’re the kind of person who chucks their phone mindlessly in drawers and purses then think twice before adding to the delicacy to your phone with a bedazzling Swarovski phone case.

The last case in the limelight is Samsung’s phone protectors. If you were looking into getting a multipurpose case like the ones MK provides, your best bet is to shop on Ebay! Korean phone case designers have specialized in creating cases that fit Samsung phones perfectly. The trendy wallet cases are leather and come equipped with card slots similar to MK! They come in luscious sorbet tones such as green mint, cotton candy pink, and blue sky. Samsung is an up and coming phone brand that keeps on growing, so it won’t be long until high-end designers like Chanel, Michael Kors, and Swarovski shift gears and start specializing in S3 and S4 styles as-well.

How to Conceal Effectively


 How to Conceal Effectively

The purpose of concealer is to cover blemishes, dark circles, redness, broken capillaries, and any other small imperfections that find their way onto your skin. Heavy camouflage concealer can also be used to cover scars and birthmarks. It is much better to use a lighter formula of foundation and apply coverage where required rather than covering the whole face in a heavy foundation. Concealer looks most natural when it is applied in sheer layers; building up gradually until you achieve the fresh face look you’re after. Ideally you should have two different shades of concealer: one that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and one that matches your skin. To find the perfect shade, test the foundation along the jaw line, it should disappear into your skin. Between the two shades you can flatten a raised blemish, cover all imperfections, and banish dark under eye circles and discoloration.

Concealer should have either a yellow (ideal for olive skin tones) or a soft pink undertone, the shade of which will depend on your skin tone; very pale ivory, caramel honey, very dark – cocoa. Avoid concealers that look too pink or white. Using a concealer that is too light under the eye will emphasize the dark area instead of concealing it. The best concealers should be enriched with vitamins and have a smooth, silky texture. There are many different formulas of concealer available that provide varying degrees of coverage. Your choice of a concealer will depend on your skin type and the area you want to conceal.

It is important to use the correct technique when applying concealer; otherwise, it will be visible and will highlight exactly what you are trying to conceal. For the skin under the eye apply a thinner layer of concealer than elsewhere on the face.

1. Use a cream concealer one or two shades lighter than the skin tone to cover dark circles. Apply the product from the inner corner of the eye along the orbital bone approximately a third of the way across the width of the socket. For precise application, apply with a concealer brush.

2. Apply eye-brightener on the inner bridge of the nose around the corner of the eye. If there is a visible crease or fold of skin, apply in the crease under the eye to lift and flatten. Also apply under the outer corner of the eye for an instant lift.

3. Use the pad of your middle finger to tap the concealer into the skin. Tap and lightly rub outward and back inward; don’t drag or pull the skin.

4. Use a loose translucent setting powder over the whole eye area to prevent creasing. Use a small dome brush (an eye shadow blending brush) for precise application

5. Conceal any redness around the edge of the nose using a fine-tipped concealer brush. This enables you to get right into the corners.

6. Conceal around the lip line to enhance the lip shape and stop your lipstick from bleeding. Using your eye-brightener under the outer two-thirds of the lower lips will give you an enviably pouty look.

There are many different forms of concealers that can be used, but based on what you are looking to achieve, it’s important to select the concealer that will suit your problem areas best.

Cream: Gives full coverage, is creamy and easy to blend so can be used under eyes, and is heavy enough to cover dark circles. You snag this concealer in a tube, compact, or pot. The creamiest versions are good for older skin as they are hydrating and are easy to apply without dragging the skin.

Highlighting Pens: Used on the inner corner of the eye to brighten dark circles and shadows. Can be used to flatten and even out wrinkles, around the edges of the mouth, and under the outer corner of the eye to lift.

Color Correctors: Used to cover discoloration. Use green to counteract redness, lilac for sallowness, yellow for purple or blue-tinged circles. Blue tones down orange, and orange-toned correctors are used to cover a bruise or tattoo.

Camouflage: This is the heaviest concealer and it can be used to cover birthmarks, sunspots, scars, and even tattoos.

Solid Stick: Perfect for blemishes and provides direct on-the-spot application. The consistency is thick but fairly dry, so it is not so easy to use under the eyes.

Mineral Powder: Easy application, good for sensitive skin and eyes. Gives light to medium coverage for dark circles and blemishes.

Liquid: Usually comes in a wand, pen or tube and gives the lightest coverage. It has a creamy formula and is easy to blend. This is a multi-use product that covers minor blemishes and slight shadows for picture perfect touch-ups.

Pencils: For medium coverage and to use on small imperfections; not suited for shadows and dark circles. Very portable and good for touch-ups.

Passion Coffee

The coffee is one of the resources most appreciated in the world, millions of people every day taste this drink, from Asia to America from Europe to Africa, in every part of the world. A special mention goes to my country Italy, where coffee is a real institution and where the so-called Espresso coffee, an Italian invention, is the best coffee to me! The methods for the preparation of coffee have changed in recent years, particularly in the economically more developed countries, where the preparation manual have been replaced with the use of the machines, and in particular Italy plays a role of primary importance in this regard, where various companies produce coffee machines of excellent quality.

Gaggia, Saeco, etc.. The coffee as said before is a drink very tasty but as an exciting must not be abused especially for some types of subjects for particular situations of health or contingent would do well not to overdose it. I refer for example to pregnant women or people who suffer from high blood pressure in the opinion of some doctors, but there are too some benefits that port according to the recent studies made in this regard, for example, some forms of diabetes or other diseases more or less serious. In short, the coffee and one of those things that many can not do without, especially for myself, Arabic or Brasilian or from other place!!! I want finish this my description and I hope you will appreciate my english, I am not mother tongue english.