Coffee history

Coffee history.Coffee is the remarkable drink exciting minds of million his admirers. In the ninth century people got acquainted for the first time with a coffee tree. But coffee wasn’t at this time drink, it used as I peep. People of a fir-tree dark- red fruits, and also leaves of a coffee tree for lifting of forces and energy inflow. In the tenth century in Yemen from coffee berries received drink. Arabs cooked pulp from ripe coffee fruits. Drink had the beautiful name “white Yemen coffee”.

Broth was light- yellow color and hardly would be to the taste to us. In the twelfth century, thanks to Arabs, experiments begin with coffee. For drink use previously the grains dried up on the sun then them fried on charcoal and crushed. As a result drink turned out is much more tasty. In the fifteenth century Arabs start landing the coffee trees delivered from Ethiopia, and promote rapid development of coffee culture. Roasting of grains was improved, started trying to change grinding degree.

It affected taste of drink: it became more saturated. Coffee saw the svezhesvarenny. For preparation of coffee used to the Turk. It made of copper or brass. Cooked coffee on hot sand or coals. In drink Arabs added various spices cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cardamom which did taste of coffee to juicier. In the sixteenth the nineteenth eyelids of coffee gets into Europe thanks to the Venetian merchants and becomes same popular, as well as in east countries. Europeans fell in love with invigorating drink and made the changes in preparation.

Much didn’t like a coffee thick at the bottom of a cup. Europeans started thinking out various coffee makers which cooked coffee in the different ways, separating a thick. Some of them use and now. Twentieth century. Italy the country which at the majority of people associates with refined aroma of the real espresso. Drink became saturated and pleasant on taste. . And till today reference way of preparation of coffee is espresso.


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