Coffee in a French press

Out of all the possible ways of coffee brewing, brewing in a French press is one of the easiest, inexpensive and convenient methods. In this article describes how to best choose this device, use and make it strong, delicious coffee Caffee Vero.What is the French press? French press is a device for the preparation of different drinks, but originally it was created just for coffee. French-press consists of a cylinder made of glass, but sometimes made of metal or plastic and cover equipped with a plug, which moves the screen up and down inside the cylinder. Sieve serves as a filter ground coffee, by pressing it to the bottom of the tank, so that you can enjoy the brewed coffee without its particles.How to choose French-press These devices are available in a wide range of prices and quality levels, as well as with additional functions. In the General case, it is not necessary to give preference to the cheaper models, as in spite of the fact that they are well, they can’t stand prolonged use and easy to breakdown. But do not buy the most expensive French press. Elite French-press, as a rule, have a high price, thanks to his name brand, as well as the fact that they have an unusual design. Such products do not offer any functional advantages in comparison with a good middle French press. The press of good quality can be found in stores kitchen goods, large specialised stores, and even in some stores selling coffee.


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