Keep in Touch Without Losing Touch


 Keep in Touch Without Losing Touch

Cell phones are no longer hideous, cumbersome gadgets best hidden in purses or pockets. Today, people flaunt their phones with pride! As the technology advances, cellphones have become increasingly integral to everyday life. With these advancements comes fragility and if you’re going to protect your all-important cellular phone, you might as well do it with style.

Currently, the hottest cell phones on the market are the iPhone, Samsung S3, and the soon to be released Samsung S4. Each of these phones is beautiful in its own right, so why hide that natural beauty underneath a less than stellar cover? Designers have come up with beautiful cases designed for a modern and decidedly fashionable lifestyle.

The famous Michael Kors recently collaborated with the Apple brand to create a line of iPhone cases for fashion-conscious smartphone users. MK offers an array of different cases, perfect for any and every iPhone user. The cases come in every form: from sleeve, to hard-shell cover, and even an iPhone wallet. For MK’s spring collection the cases come in vivid shades of yellow, pink, blue, and red. Each iPhone wallet is detailed with either a Michael Kors plate or MK embossed lettering. The detailing comes in either gold or silver, whichever best compliments the design. The best part about the wallet case is that you can keep three of your most important cards handy. Michael Kors is a creative with his designs and practical in their functionality, allowing you to keep that swagger with cases that flatter!

The bedazzling Swarovski brand has also created cases for the iPhone and other smartphones. The cases come in leather and hard-shell plastic embellished with Swarovski’s elegant gems. Swarovski has also come out with denim cases sprinkled with crystals for those who like to keep it casual and classy. These cases are not meant for the clumsy and the careless, especially the cases that are adorn with crystals from top to bottom. These handcrafted cases add a lot of sparkle to your already luxurious smartphone. They may protect from high impact falls with sparkle, but the crystals alone require maintenance. If you’re the kind of person who chucks their phone mindlessly in drawers and purses then think twice before adding to the delicacy to your phone with a bedazzling Swarovski phone case.

The last case in the limelight is Samsung’s phone protectors. If you were looking into getting a multipurpose case like the ones MK provides, your best bet is to shop on Ebay! Korean phone case designers have specialized in creating cases that fit Samsung phones perfectly. The trendy wallet cases are leather and come equipped with card slots similar to MK! They come in luscious sorbet tones such as green mint, cotton candy pink, and blue sky. Samsung is an up and coming phone brand that keeps on growing, so it won’t be long until high-end designers like Chanel, Michael Kors, and Swarovski shift gears and start specializing in S3 and S4 styles as-well.


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