Ristretto – kind of espresso coffee drink


Ristretto – kind of espresso coffee drink prepared with espresso coffee machines, both professional and home (automatic coffee machine or coffee maker). The principle remains the same: the passage of hot water at a pressure of 15 bar through compacted ground coffee (the coffee tablet). Prepared by stopping espresso coffee machines earlier than usual in the preparation of espresso.

This coffee to a thick, strong and fragrant. The presence of the cream (foam) caffeinated coffee emulsion is mandatory.Flavored coffee ristretto made from freshly ground roasted beans.To prepare the ristretto You will need the following ingredients: 7 – 9 g of freshly ground, medium ground coffee (grinding exhibited depending whether it is a mixture of coffee or coffee plantation “mono variety”). Water 15 – 30 ml; Sugar to taste; When cooking ristretto is appropriate to use these kitchen accessories: coffee maker Philips Saeco ABC Class HD8325/09; coffee dispenser or Scoop (complete with coffee machine); coffee tamper; a couple of coffee (porcelain or ceramic thick walls); silver and silver coffee spoon;

PREPARATION OF CLASSIC Ristretto Place the bottle on the coffee machine (holder) a hopper dispenser (if there is a professional coffee grinder with adjustable dosing), or use a measuring spoon. After serving coffee powder sprinkled on, tap the back of the wrist by Holder to (horn), in order to evenly distribute the coffee and filled all the gaps. Put a bottle of coffee (holder) on the desktop and use the press in squeezing the temperature of coffee. Flick of the tangent handle tap temperature by Holder to (horn), and press-fit the coffee again.

To restore the desired temperature within 5-7 seconds (or 50 ml of boiling water) to spill the hot water through the coffee group (in coffee machines coffee channel) into a cup of coffee, as at the same time you warmed dishes (hot cookware is very important)! Insert the bottle into the coffee machine (holder of the Group) and secure it with an interference fit to include previously for 2-3 seconds strait of water (coffee soak for 2-5 seconds). In automatic coffee machine is a function of pre-wet the coffee flavor to the coffee beverage is better and potnostyu opened in a drink. The extraction of the coffee cream emulsion will take about 15-30 seconds, the volume of the drink thus should be 15-30 ml.


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