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Caravan Restaurant, Bar &Restaurant

Caravan is a must for the coffee connoisseur – they roast their own coffee beans for a unique taste sensation of freshness. For your delectation a steaming cup of coffee, from cellar to your table, in just minutes. Their roasteries are located in the basement of their two primary sites in London; small batches of beans are roasted daily on roasters using beans sourced from around the world. Green coffee beans come from single farms and estates in the specialty coffee market and their focus is on quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the grower. Caravan constantly develops their seasonal espresso blends and single origin offers in line with the best crops from each season. Coffee beans are truly respected and much time goes into developing the roast profile to ensure the best flavor characteristics are brought out for the discerning client.

This was the finest cup of coffee I have set to my lips as long as I can remember is a quotation from the London Review of Breakfasts. One example of their delicious coffees is Caravan Decaf Espresso which comes from the Finca el Bosque in Guatemala. Finca el Bosque is a well-established and respected farm which has been run by the Flores family since the early 1930s and is a healthy fourteen acres. Because of international love for coffee and sustained growth in world-wide trading, the Finca has recently been able to build a processing facility on site that means the coffee no longer needs to be transported as a cherry to offsite washing; it can be done on onsite furthering the provenance of such a coffee for our pleasure. Caravan can be found at 1-13 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QD


Dark Horse Espresso Bar (Toronto)


With several locations around the downtown core, Dark Horse offers the basics of the modern cafe – great coffee, good food, reliable WiFi and a space for you to get comfy reading the paper. With its industrial design, and big windows to let in the daylight, this coffee shop hotspot brings together the perfect mixture of rustic charm and modern warmth. The baristas are friendly, the food is prepared fresh, and the espresso, well, it’s too good to pass up.

Soma Chocolatier (Toronto)


Although more of a chocolatier than a coffee shop, Soma offers the perfect merge between fresh espresso and spicy cocoa. Their mayan hot chocolate will cure any sore throat, while bringing your senses to a sweeter, more exotic place. Also, you can watch them at work while they make each chocolate goodie, an almost hypnotic experience to relax you while you browse the distillery district.

The Tampered Press (Toronto)


Located at 256 Crawford Street, this quaint, little cafe is the perfect place to go for a delicious cup of coffee. The entrance is located on Dundas Street despite its address. It has a cozy atmosphere that is both homey and rustic.

The Tampered Press is an ideal place for writers wanting to escape noisy cafes to work on their masterpieces, as well as readers looking for a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy that delightful book in the company of a delicious cup of joe. Though the atmosphere is often a quiet one, conversations are also welcomed. The pace here is laid-back and serene. It is a calming contrast from the busy city life, so if you are looking for a mellow escape, this is your place. With its colourful mix-matched chairs and mirror window frames on the wall, The Tampered Press provides the coffee goer not just great coffee but also a great space to enjoy the coffee.

The staff is always friendly and they know what they are doing when it comes to the brew. From their americanos to their lattes, they are serious Baristas. Their drinks are full of flavour and every cup is made with care. Unlike other cafes, the lattes here do not taste like hot foamy milk. The rich flavour of the espresso in a cup of latte at The Tampered Press is perfectly balanced with the amount of steamed milk so that the coffee drinker can still taste the elegant flavour of the espresso, which is how a good latte should be. If you are looking for a hot cup of steamed milk, the lattes here are not for you. This place is for serious coffee drinkers who enjoy the bold taste of strong coffee.

If coffee is not your cup of tea, The Tampered Press also offers other non-coffee beverages. Their tea selection will please any tea lover. Their London Fog, Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and vanilla syrup, is by far the best in the city in my humble opinion. The Earl Grey in this London Fog is unlike any other. The flavours are so rich that it will make you rethink your idea of how a proper London Fog should taste like. I also like that it’s not too sweet.

For those who are hungry or have the munchies, this cafe has array of scrumptious food to keep your empty bellies satisfied. The menu includes various sandwiches, samosas, and baked goods. For the vegans out there, there is quite a selection of vegan-friendly baked goods too.

The Tampered Press is one of my favourite cafes in the city. It’s not overpriced like some of the other cafes out there. The coffee and food here are kind to your taste buds but also your wallet. Not to mention that there is free WiFi and plenty of outlets to plug in your laptop. I also like the added bonus that there is always pleasant music playing in the background that is not overwhelming or distracting. With its mellow atmosphere, amazing coffee, and lovely service, it will make a regular out of you too.

Manic Coffee (Toronto)


At Bathurst and College is an art deco style café catering to those who enjoy the simple, natural flavors in both their coffee and their treats. Their scones are soft (the apple cranberry one is a local favorite) and their coffee is smooth yet delicate with a bold aftertaste. With short menus usually come more specialized, carefully customized dishes; and at Manic Coffee, they don’t disappoint.

Crafted by Te Aro


Lower Ossington St. certainly is gaining recognition as one of hottest spots in town. But the hot factor is likely due to the steam rising from this sexy little café. Their drip coffee is made from their custom ground French press ($3.15 for 2 cups), but the real eye-turner is their revolutionary cold drip coffee. Taking only six hours to filter through distilled ice cubes, this impressive, mad-scientist looking contraption is sure to impress even the biggest of coffee snobs. Come see for yourself.