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Passion Coffee


The coffee is one of the resources most appreciated in the world, millions of people every day taste this drink, from Asia to America from Europe to Africa, in every part of the world. A special mention goes to my country Italy, where coffee is a real institution and where the so-called Espresso coffee, an Italian invention, is the best coffee to me! The methods for the preparation of coffee have changed in recent years, particularly in the economically more developed countries, where the preparation manual have been replaced with the use of the machines, and in particular Italy plays a role of primary importance in this regard, where various companies produce coffee machines of excellent quality.

Gaggia, Saeco, etc.. The coffee as said before is a drink very tasty but as an exciting must not be abused especially for some types of subjects for particular situations of health or contingent would do well not to overdose it. I refer for example to pregnant women or people who suffer from high blood pressure in the opinion of some doctors, but there are too some benefits that port according to the recent studies made in this regard, for example, some forms of diabetes or other diseases more or less serious. In short, the coffee and one of those things that many can not do without, especially for myself, Arabic or Brasilian or from other place!!! I want finish this my description and I hope you will appreciate my english, I am not mother tongue english.