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Passion Coffee


The coffee is one of the resources most appreciated in the world, millions of people every day taste this drink, from Asia to America from Europe to Africa, in every part of the world. A special mention goes to my country Italy, where coffee is a real institution and where the so-called Espresso coffee, an Italian invention, is the best coffee to me! The methods for the preparation of coffee have changed in recent years, particularly in the economically more developed countries, where the preparation manual have been replaced with the use of the machines, and in particular Italy plays a role of primary importance in this regard, where various companies produce coffee machines of excellent quality.

Gaggia, Saeco, etc.. The coffee as said before is a drink very tasty but as an exciting must not be abused especially for some types of subjects for particular situations of health or contingent would do well not to overdose it. I refer for example to pregnant women or people who suffer from high blood pressure in the opinion of some doctors, but there are too some benefits that port according to the recent studies made in this regard, for example, some forms of diabetes or other diseases more or less serious. In short, the coffee and one of those things that many can not do without, especially for myself, Arabic or Brasilian or from other place!!! I want finish this my description and I hope you will appreciate my english, I am not mother tongue english.


Starbucks is the best coffe company in the world?


When we talk about coffee and the best coffee shop, we must necessarily speak of Starbucks.Starbucks is a large international company of coffee shops that offers its customers coffee, desserts and pastries.Not only is it a place where you can have a sandwich or a coffee, but in the U.S. is considered to be a gathering place for young people, especially if students or residents in large cities.The group’s headquarters is in Seattle, where he was also the first Starbucks store opened in 1971 by three friends: Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker.From 1971 to today Starbucks is present in more than 55 countries, with more than 8,949 stores and 125,000 employees.Starbucks, comes from the idea of bringing in the United States, the real Italian coffee, in american style; in other words the idea was to use plastic cups of different sizes to be able to enjoy coffee at any time of the day.

This is also the main reason that in Italy at the time, there are no Starbucks stores, because the CEO of the group is concerned that the idea of drinking coffee maker (plastic cups), might not Italians pleasure.In contrast to the Italian reality, in the rest of Europe, the Starbucks coffee shop are widespread, especially in big cities.When we go to Starbucks, we can choose different types of coffee: expressed mocha cappuccino American macchiato All types of coffee are prepared using various coffee blends such as: Starbucks Reserve Tanzania Southern HighlandsStarbucks Reserve Per AladinoStarbucks Reserve Isla Flores IndonesiaStarbucks Reserve West Java IndonesiaStarbucks Reserve Guatemala Antigua Finca MedinaStarbucks Reserve Sun-Dried Ethiopia SidamoStarbucks Reserve Maui Mokka So, Starbucks is not just a place to meet but also a place where you can enjoy a lot of coffee prepared with different blends that give it a unique flavor.

Coffee restores memory loss in mice with Alzheimer’s symptoms


Who likes coffee has one more reason for the next cup: researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) in the United States, we analyzed mice with symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease who ingested amounts of caffeine equivalent to five cups of coffee per day had a reversal in the frame memory loss and decreased production of amyloid beta-protein linked to the disease. Gary Arendash, a neuroscientist at the University, said the results show a new aid for the disease: “The discovery shows that caffeine could be a ‘treatment’ feasible for Alzheimer’s disease, and not just a prevention strategy.

” “That’s important because caffeine is a safe drug for most people, easily enters the brain, and appears to directly affect the disease process,” adds Arendash. The study was conducted with 55 mice genetically engineered to develop memory problems similar to those reported by patients with Alzheimer’s disease. When the mice began to exhibit memory problems at 18 or 19 months – equivalent to 70 years of humans – the researchers started to take caffeine in the water half the rats. After two months, the mice that received caffeine had better results on tests of memory and motor skills, while mice that received normal drinking water continued to go badly in the tests.

“These are the most promising experiments done with rats on Alzheimer’s disease, and show that caffeine rapidly reduces beta-amyloid protein in the blood,” says Huntington Potter, Center for Alzheimer’s Research and USF. The research showed that the protein was reduced by almost 50% in the caffeine-treated mice. Researchers do not yet know if a smaller amount than 500 milligrams daily would be enough, but Arendash says that for most people, this moderate consumption does not bring adverse effects to the health of most people. A previous study showed that caffeine reduces the levels of a protein involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain and in the blood of rats who had symptoms of the disease. Both surveys add up to a first survey, which showed that the substance ingested in early adulthood prevented the formation of memory problems.

Delicious Coffee!


In the past decades there has been a boom in coffee shops all over the UK, with Starbucks and Costa Coffee being the main known brands. UK residents love to drink espresso drinks in coffee shops as this has become one of the most common ways of socialising, plus the biggest coffee shops in the UK do sell delicious espresso drinks. The wide range of espresso drinks in a coffee shop can be overwhelming and consumers might not really know which one they really want. Coffee Curators is a fantastic specialty coffee house in the City of London. Their website focuses on a glossary of all the various espresso drinks that people can order at their coffee shop – which is helpful and very convenient as people can visit the website and therefore already have an idea of what they are going to buy when they visit the shop.

One of the greatest aspects of Coffee Curators is that they specialise in different espresso drinks which the consumers really like as the drinks are created with the consumer taste in mind. Furthermore, they specialise also in food snacks which can be consumed along with their espresso drinks. Some of Coffee Curators coffee range include: ‘Aprils Creation’, ‘March’s Creation’, ‘February’s Creation’ and ‘January’s Creation’ which are some of the most beautifully made types of Coffee. Coffee Curators immense dedication to fine taste and creativity is what makes them a great coffee shop. There are also reviews on their website of some of the best coffee shops around the world.

Fresha Caf in Exeter, England


The best place to drink coffee is in a coffee shop that is passionate about their product and Fresha Caf is such a place. Located in the heart of the West Country, Exeter is a bustling University town with many historic and places of interest for tourists to visit so where better to stop and enjoy a coffee to recharge your batteries in a relaxed environment. As a bonus, free WI-Fi is available and they open from 7.00 a.m. in the morning until 4.00 p.m. throughout the year. Fresha Caf is a socially responsible coffee house and all coffee and snacks on offer are either locally sourced in Devon or from Fair Trade companies abroad; a few examples of light meals available are: Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs, Granola with Devon yoghurt and fresh fruit, Scotch pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and The Big Breakfast Baguette which is a freshly baked baguette with smoked bacon, pork sausages and Devon free range eggs.

Down to the serious business of coffee! As well as contemporary quality loose leaf Teas, there are an abundance of delicious coffees to choose from: Peppermint Mocha which is chocolate infused with the flavor of peppermint, combined with an Espresso roast, topped with cream, chocolate syrup and cocoa dusting: Double Chocolate Mocha which is Espresso combined with dark chocolate and topped with cream and a chocolate flake: Marshmallow Latte is steamed milk and a shot of intense espresso with toasted marshmallow syrup and a crispy sugar top. Of course there are many other types of coffee and tea available so if you ever happen to be in Exeter in Devon, make a point of looking up Fresha Caf and enjoy a delicious coffee.

Coffee in a French press


Out of all the possible ways of coffee brewing, brewing in a French press is one of the easiest, inexpensive and convenient methods. In this article describes how to best choose this device, use and make it strong, delicious coffee Caffee Vero.What is the French press? French press is a device for the preparation of different drinks, but originally it was created just for coffee. French-press consists of a cylinder made of glass, but sometimes made of metal or plastic and cover equipped with a plug, which moves the screen up and down inside the cylinder. Sieve serves as a filter ground coffee, by pressing it to the bottom of the tank, so that you can enjoy the brewed coffee without its particles.How to choose French-press These devices are available in a wide range of prices and quality levels, as well as with additional functions. In the General case, it is not necessary to give preference to the cheaper models, as in spite of the fact that they are well, they can’t stand prolonged use and easy to breakdown. But do not buy the most expensive French press. Elite French-press, as a rule, have a high price, thanks to his name brand, as well as the fact that they have an unusual design. Such products do not offer any functional advantages in comparison with a good middle French press. The press of good quality can be found in stores kitchen goods, large specialised stores, and even in some stores selling coffee.

Ristretto – kind of espresso coffee drink


Ristretto – kind of espresso coffee drink prepared with espresso coffee machines, both professional and home (automatic coffee machine or coffee maker). The principle remains the same: the passage of hot water at a pressure of 15 bar through compacted ground coffee (the coffee tablet). Prepared by stopping espresso coffee machines earlier than usual in the preparation of espresso.

This coffee to a thick, strong and fragrant. The presence of the cream (foam) caffeinated coffee emulsion is mandatory.Flavored coffee ristretto made from freshly ground roasted beans.To prepare the ristretto You will need the following ingredients: 7 – 9 g of freshly ground, medium ground coffee (grinding exhibited depending whether it is a mixture of coffee or coffee plantation “mono variety”). Water 15 – 30 ml; Sugar to taste; When cooking ristretto is appropriate to use these kitchen accessories: coffee maker Philips Saeco ABC Class HD8325/09; coffee dispenser or Scoop (complete with coffee machine); coffee tamper; a couple of coffee (porcelain or ceramic thick walls); silver and silver coffee spoon;

PREPARATION OF CLASSIC Ristretto Place the bottle on the coffee machine (holder) a hopper dispenser (if there is a professional coffee grinder with adjustable dosing), or use a measuring spoon. After serving coffee powder sprinkled on, tap the back of the wrist by Holder to (horn), in order to evenly distribute the coffee and filled all the gaps. Put a bottle of coffee (holder) on the desktop and use the press in squeezing the temperature of coffee. Flick of the tangent handle tap temperature by Holder to (horn), and press-fit the coffee again.

To restore the desired temperature within 5-7 seconds (or 50 ml of boiling water) to spill the hot water through the coffee group (in coffee machines coffee channel) into a cup of coffee, as at the same time you warmed dishes (hot cookware is very important)! Insert the bottle into the coffee machine (holder of the Group) and secure it with an interference fit to include previously for 2-3 seconds strait of water (coffee soak for 2-5 seconds). In automatic coffee machine is a function of pre-wet the coffee flavor to the coffee beverage is better and potnostyu opened in a drink. The extraction of the coffee cream emulsion will take about 15-30 seconds, the volume of the drink thus should be 15-30 ml.