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Liquid Liner Lowdown



Liquid Liner Lowdown

Stars such as Lady Gaga love defying the odds and letting their individuality come forth in their hair and makeup applications. In her Judas music video (2011), she used double-lined liquid eyeliner to create an Eastern, ornamental look. Sarah Jessica Parker incorporated a similar style in Sex and the City 2 (set in Abu Dhabi) with the cat-eye smokey effect. In just a few step-by-step instructions, follow along with us to see how you can get an equally dramatic look that’s sure to get your eye candy locked in your gaze.

Materials Needed:

Angled brush, foundation, concealer, eye shadow brush, light eye pigment/paint (optional), light eye shadow, white eye pencil, dark eye shadow, thin brush, blending brush, mascara, false lashes (optional).


Place a light layer of foundation on the eyelid, in order to create a base for the powder to set. Using a medium brush, apply a light power onto the lid. Allow for everything to set.

Next, apply your white eye pencil to the inner rim of the eye. This needs to be non-waterproof to ensure an intense colour. Extend the white line straight out past the outer corner of the eye and create a triangle towards the inner corner.

Using a stiff, angled brush, apply your liquid liner from the inner lash line towards (and even past) the edge of your socket. Eyeliner looks its best when the line thickens towards the edge, but see desired photos for inspiration.

Allow for your liner to dry before applying your darker shadow. Use a softer brush, and apply desired amount in the crease of your eye towards the brow. For the cat-eye look, clean up any smudging with some makeup remover on a cotton pad.

This is optional, but if you choose to apply lashes to the bottom lashes, use a clear glue. Then apply mascara. Place the set of lashes along the lines you have created under/over the eye, and glue them to the line you have already created with the eyeliner.

Clean up any fall out from the eye shadow with concealer and continue on with your regular foundation routine and finish by applying a top coat of mascara.