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Dazzling Dust Plugs



 Dazzling Dust Plugs

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another phone accessory on the market, dust plugs hit the scene! As redundant as they sound, it’s fair to point out that smart phones are prone to internal corrosion and/or malfunction if the proper precautions are not taken. Dust Plugs prevent any liquids, dust, or other unwanted debris from creeping into your earphone plug. As of yet, no high-end designer has unveiled a line of opulent dust plugs, but there are plenty of phone specialty shops online and in your neighborhood, which offer these cute accessories.

The majority of these dust plugs mimic the look and feel of studs, bedazzled with semi-precious stones. A popular dust plug stud is the mini crown. The plug is adorned with a sweet crown insignia rendered in glinting gemstones. Those who are not into glitter and flash can opt for simpler dust plugs, complimented with tasteful chains or pretty feathers hanging from the earphone jack. There are an array of options available online, so it’s no sweat finding the perfect dust plug to suit your phone case or further define your style. These small gems may look like just another accessory, but they can spare your phone a little wear and tear and keep you looking fabulous.