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Coffee in a French press


Out of all the possible ways of coffee brewing, brewing in a French press is one of the easiest, inexpensive and convenient methods. In this article describes how to best choose this device, use and make it strong, delicious coffee Caffee Vero.What is the French press? French press is a device for the preparation of different drinks, but originally it was created just for coffee. French-press consists of a cylinder made of glass, but sometimes made of metal or plastic and cover equipped with a plug, which moves the screen up and down inside the cylinder. Sieve serves as a filter ground coffee, by pressing it to the bottom of the tank, so that you can enjoy the brewed coffee without its particles.How to choose French-press These devices are available in a wide range of prices and quality levels, as well as with additional functions. In the General case, it is not necessary to give preference to the cheaper models, as in spite of the fact that they are well, they can’t stand prolonged use and easy to breakdown. But do not buy the most expensive French press. Elite French-press, as a rule, have a high price, thanks to his name brand, as well as the fact that they have an unusual design. Such products do not offer any functional advantages in comparison with a good middle French press. The press of good quality can be found in stores kitchen goods, large specialised stores, and even in some stores selling coffee.


Preparation of coffee Caffee Vero in a French press


Preparation of coffee Caffee Vero in a French pressStep 1: Need to grind the coffee beans Unlike some espresso and other coffee drinks, coffee in a French press is very easy to prepare. The first thing that you need to grind the coffee. Grain should be coarsely ground, no matter if after grinding remain large particles. Try to use a part-time tablespoon for every two cups of water, placed in a French press. Thus, if your device can hold six cups of water, add in there about three tablespoons of coffee. You can adjust this number according to your taste, but the option is also good. If you prefer to skip this step, you can buy ground coffee in the Internet-shop (advise, Caffee Vero Selezione’oro, Moka d’oro or Extra Arabica).Step 2: Add water Put ground coffee into the empty French press. To make sure that the coffee gives saturated taste, add a small amount of cold water and stir well.

Let the coffee settle down in cold water until you heated sufficient quantity of water for in the press. Do not heat the water in the machine itself. The best thing is to warm up the water on the stove e. At that, it should not boil. The easiest way to make sure that the water is not too hot, is to let the water rather hot, but before I filled her, wait a minute or two, so that she cooled down. After that, pour in the French-press coffee water, cover it with a lid.Step 3: Brewing and enjoy! During the coffee brewing, make sure that the sieve is located at the top of the French press. This will allow the Sands of coffee float freely in the water for proper seal. However, after careful that it was omitted firmly down – it is necessary for the preservation of taste. Brewing coffee Caffe Vero within five minutes, then completely push down the plunger down. After that, you can immediately pour the ready to drink the Cup. Even not having coffee machines, you have the opportunity to brew coffee in a French press and enjoy the unsurpassed taste!

The Tampered Press (Toronto)



Located at 256 Crawford Street, this quaint, little cafe is the perfect place to go for a delicious cup of coffee. The entrance is located on Dundas Street despite its address. It has a cozy atmosphere that is both homey and rustic.

The Tampered Press is an ideal place for writers wanting to escape noisy cafes to work on their masterpieces, as well as readers looking for a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy that delightful book in the company of a delicious cup of joe. Though the atmosphere is often a quiet one, conversations are also welcomed. The pace here is laid-back and serene. It is a calming contrast from the busy city life, so if you are looking for a mellow escape, this is your place. With its colourful mix-matched chairs and mirror window frames on the wall, The Tampered Press provides the coffee goer not just great coffee but also a great space to enjoy the coffee.

The staff is always friendly and they know what they are doing when it comes to the brew. From their americanos to their lattes, they are serious Baristas. Their drinks are full of flavour and every cup is made with care. Unlike other cafes, the lattes here do not taste like hot foamy milk. The rich flavour of the espresso in a cup of latte at The Tampered Press is perfectly balanced with the amount of steamed milk so that the coffee drinker can still taste the elegant flavour of the espresso, which is how a good latte should be. If you are looking for a hot cup of steamed milk, the lattes here are not for you. This place is for serious coffee drinkers who enjoy the bold taste of strong coffee.

If coffee is not your cup of tea, The Tampered Press also offers other non-coffee beverages. Their tea selection will please any tea lover. Their London Fog, Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and vanilla syrup, is by far the best in the city in my humble opinion. The Earl Grey in this London Fog is unlike any other. The flavours are so rich that it will make you rethink your idea of how a proper London Fog should taste like. I also like that it’s not too sweet.

For those who are hungry or have the munchies, this cafe has array of scrumptious food to keep your empty bellies satisfied. The menu includes various sandwiches, samosas, and baked goods. For the vegans out there, there is quite a selection of vegan-friendly baked goods too.

The Tampered Press is one of my favourite cafes in the city. It’s not overpriced like some of the other cafes out there. The coffee and food here are kind to your taste buds but also your wallet. Not to mention that there is free WiFi and plenty of outlets to plug in your laptop. I also like the added bonus that there is always pleasant music playing in the background that is not overwhelming or distracting. With its mellow atmosphere, amazing coffee, and lovely service, it will make a regular out of you too.